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Hair Is A Woman’s Glory (2018)


There are a total of 9 works in this body of work. Each work shares the same attributes below.

Medium: Digital. Archival print on cotton rag. (editions of 10)

Size: 24 x 42.72 (inches)


Through mythological, religious, and art historical allusions, Hair Is A Woman’s Glory takes a critical look into the contemporary attitudes and religious taboos communicated through the censorship of women’s hair.  In each frame, my own self-portraits are centered around a burst of calligraphic text that meticulously repeats the Turkish word for hair, “saç.” The daring invitation to reckon with the woman whose uncontainable Medusa-like hair is indeed a nod to women’s movements across the Middle East, such as the Chich Women’s Bicycle Tour in Turkey celebrating women’s visibility in public spaces, and the White Wednesdays movement in Iran against forced veiling.