Hair Is A Woman’ Glory, 2018

Through mythological, religious, and art historical allusions, the series takes a striking look into the contemporary attitudes and religious taboos communicated through the censorship of women’s hair.  In each frame, the artist’s self-portrait is centered around a halo of calligraphic text that meticulously repeats the


Are We There Yet? 2016

Image: Highways Performance Space and Gallery, Los Angeles Sample video: Are We There Yet, an interactive holographic installation Are We There Yet?, an interactive holographic installation featuring an entity named The Grand Turk. It was modeled after Wolfgang Von Kempelen's Mechanical Turk, a chess-playing automaton unveiled

Human Landscapes from My Country, 2013

Human Landscapes from My Country, a performance/play in three acts, is an homage to the famous Turkish poet, Nazim Hikmet Ran, whose epic poetry of the same title narrated the nation’s long process of recovery after numerous wars. Play written by Vuslat Demirkoparan Katsanis and Ilknur

Sometimes Mr. Metzel, A Candy Is Just A Candy, 2008

Polyurethane Foam, Styrofoam, Varnish. Approximately 2.5′ x 2.5′ x 2.5′ (feet) Exhibited in:  Corrective Lenses: Challenging Representations of Women of Color in Art. Jock Turcotte Centre, University of Ottawa, Canada. On November 2007, Austria’s Kunsthalle Wien exhibited a large sculpture of a nude woman titled Turkish Delight

Fantastic Turks, 2005

Type: Net Art/Performance/Interactive About the project: Fantastic Turks combines elements of play and performance in real and cyberspace to trace the function of Turkish stereotypes in western popular culture. The project was initially sparked by the inclusion of a group of villains called “Turks” into Final Fantasy

Muslim T-shirts Project, 2002

In 2002, I was a third-year art student at the University of California, Riverside.    “If you see something, say something.”   This trademarked slogan became the Homeland Security’s official campaign to encourage citizens to watch and report one another. University students were encouraged to be extra vigilant, going